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FAQs. Feel Less Stressed 2016

Who can benefit from reflexology?
Both male and female - from the very young (including babies) to the elderly can benefit. However, anyone with deep vein thrombosis or any form of blood clot cannot receive treatments until their medication to control the clotting has been properly balanced.

Does it hurt?
You may feel slight discomfort, especially when having your first reflexology treatment as it is something completely new to you! However, at the beginning of each treatment, I always ask my clients if they are comfortable with the pressure that I am using. Having reflexology should be a very relaxing experience, therefore, pressure can easily be altered depending on the needs of the client.

My feet are very ticklish!
This is something that is usually carried over from childhood for a lot of people, due to a family member teasingly tickling their feet! Many of my 'ticklish feet' clients have responded well to reflexology, as the gentle but firm pressure does not have the same sensation as tickling feet. Alternatively, hand reflexology can be used.

I have a verruca!
Verrucas can be covered with a plaster and worked around.

Is it safe to have reflexology before and after surgery?
Yes, reflexology will help to calm you in preparation for surgery. A light relaxing treatment may help to boost your circulation and immune systems and also aid in the healing process after having surgery.

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